Automated HACCP Compliant Temperature Sensor

The Sensor Monitor HQ System allows for you to wirelessly monitor your business through:

  • Live up-to-date detection of temperature changes.
  • Easy to manage alert system that allows you to be informed of any changes to your sensor information once triggered.
  • Complete overview of your sensor information through the sensor data overview screen.
SMHQ Alerts Screen

Focus more on your business and less on HACCP reports

Wireless sensor monitoring system that allows for you to eliminate the possibility of human error and have complete control over most aspects of your business.

Stock protection simplified

The use of the Sensor Monitor HQ System allows for you to have complete control of your temperatures, resulting in your stock remaining at its optimum freshness and your customers experiencing 100% satisfaction.

Keep track anywhere, anytime

The Sensor Monitor HQ System allows for 24/7 monitoring of your business. The devices themselves are made from industrial grade hardware with a minimum battery life of 12 months and incorporated with the latest ‘internet of things’ technologies.

DIY Wireless Temperature Sensor Monitoring Kit

The Sensor Monitor HQ System makes remote temperature management easy.

Simply connect the wireless temperature sensors to your WiFi network and you can remotely monitor temperatures within fridges, freezers, coolrooms, wine cellars, server rooms... and much much more.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Kit
DIY Kit sensor. Kit contains other components not shown.
Automated HACCP compliance

Automated HACCP Compliance

Complying with HACCP standards, the Sensor Monitor HQ System acts as an automated wireless sensor solution generating automatic results that could have taken hours by staff members.

Utilizing RF sensor technology the sensor signal is 5 times stronger than radio signals resulting in readings occurring through walls, floors and doors where as typical Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals cannot.

White Label

Sensor Monitor HQ offers a White Label system which can be a rebranded as your company’s own solution. You can easily rebrand (White Label) our feature-rich Sensor Monitor system as your own.

SMHQ White Label


Each kit comes with a free online sensor management portal you can access from anywhere via the internet.

Temperature Monitoring

Monitors refridgeration & room temperatures

Instant Alerts

Issues alerts via Email and SMS*

Automated Recording

Automatically records temperatures for HACCP

Prevent Stock Loss

Be informed when your equipment stops working

Connect Easily

Connects directly to your WiFi

iPhone & Android App

View the current status using the "Quick Glance" app

Easy to Install

Simple setup and operation


Comes with everything you need

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